The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan


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The Gateway Cambodia Cross Section View

The Gateway Cambodia cross section view (The Gateway at Cambodia)

The Gateway Cambodia Residential Elevation Chart

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There are a total of 22 stacks in The Gateway Cambodia residential tower, split over Tower A and B. The lowest floor will start from level 11 up to level 39. It is interesting to noted that there is no level 14 and 24 as the number “4” is deemed as an unlucky number to the Chinese belief.

The retail and F&B outlets will occupy on level 1 and 2, with car park at level 3 to 9 and also basement 1. The common facilities and sky deck are located at level 10, which comprises of lap pool, jacuzzi pool, wading pool, function room, steam/sauna room, 3 BBQ pavilions, 2 yoga rooms and a state-of-the-art indoor gym. There is also a reading area on the 10th mezzanine floor for those residents who enjoy quiet moment.

The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan – 1 Bedroom

Based on The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan, there is only one type of one bedroom layout at The Gateway Cambodia, which is very regular size with no own shape and wastage of space. The net area is 39 sqm, which translates to 420 sqft. There is even a small balcony in the bedroom for the residents to enjoy the surrounding view.

The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan – 3 Bedroom

Even though it is only 82 sqm, at approximately 883 sqft, by looking at The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan of 3 bedroom, one will notice that all the 3 bedroom sizes are very generous, and definitely able to fit in a king size bed with ease plus 2 side tables. This is made possible by removing the long corridor leading to each of the bedroom, which is commonly seen in most of the condo in Singapore. It is also very limited in this project with only one stack available (stack 18).

The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan – 2 Bedroom

The net area of the two bedroom layout in The Gateway Cambodia is 65 sqm, approximately 700 sqft. Once again, only one type of layout and is very squarish. The two bedroom are big enough to place a king size bed. There is also a good size balcony each in the living room and master bedroom.

The Gateway Cambodia Residential Lobby

Upon entering into the lobby from the drop-off point, the residents will be greeted by the friendly concierge, with Tower A on the left and B on the right. Each block will be served by 3 lifts, with seating area available at the lobby area.

The Gateway Cambodia Office Tower Elevation Chart

The Gateway Cambodia office tower elevation chart (The Gateway at Cambodia)

The Gateway Cambodia office tower comprise of 36 storey, 3 storey lower than the residential towers. Once again, there will be no 14th and 24th floor and the lowest floor starts from level 11. There are a total of 13 stacks in the office tower of The Gateway Cambodia, with net area ranging from 44 sqm to 107 sqm, that is 474 sqft to 1152 sqft.

One of the unique selling point of The Gateway Cambodia is that there is a Helipad at the roof of the office tower. This helipad will come in very handy when there is an emergency situation. It can be used to welcome VIP guest where time is essence to them.

The Gateway Cambodia Office Floor Plan

With reference to The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan of the Office Tower, there will be a total of 13 stacks on each floor, with 4 lifts serving the lower floor from 11th to 22nd storey, and another 4 serving from 23rd to 36th storey.

The Gateway Cambodia lift lobby top view (The Gateway at Cambodia)

The Gateway Cambodia Office Tower Facilities

The Gateway Cambodia office tower facilities (The Gateway at Cambodia)

Picture shows the The Gateway Cambodia Floor Plan of the facilities in the Office tower, which include five conference room on the 5th storey, five function room on the 7th storey and Tea Room on the 9th floor.

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